Vlog 82: Important News Update

What better day than April 1st to upload a new item for the channel, in which I take a look at some top news stories that might be doing the rounds about narrowboating and the UK canals. Ahem.

With many thanks to special correspondent Flora Pilo: http://www.youtube.com/ThisNarrowboatAdventure

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  1. Geoff Kipps-Bolton

    Excellent to introduce the Canal News Service to your channel. I was 80% convinced by the banning of diesel engines, just wait about 10 years and I bet it becomes a reality. The colouring of each different canal waters was inspired, it had me reaching for my remote to check the release date of the video. ;-)

  2. Is hat an Erith Grammar School prefects’ tie you are wearing?

  3. Made me laugh. Thanks for this bit of nonsense.

  4. Ah David, LMFAO, you are a gem. We’ve just got back from the US of A to find this startling newscast. It’s even more entertaining than what’s happening over there. And I am so looking forward to getting NB In The Groove over to France and then on to Mars. Thanks for sharing your experiences, we didn’t even have a boat when we started watching your videos.

  5. Wo you get married?

  6. I dont know HOW you kept a straight face April 1st

  7. Roberta Stanger

    Love love love it. terrific job. Waiting for a new canal to California.

  8. Very good. A major lift for the day. I’ve been enjoying all your other blogs of a more, shall we say, earnest and serious persuasion, but this one was a real treat.

  9. haha well done, had me fooled for 20 seconds. Brought a smile to my face.
    Funny seeing you in a jacket and tie.
    Best Wishes

  10. Adimral Horatio Snert

    I love the suit have you become the canals first floating undertaker.

    thank you for the vblog and keeping us informed. now i must go and remove the engine. and fit a flux capacitor

    happy vlogging john :)

  11. #April1st …. Very #Funny!! …… And Nooooo #Swearing necessary – #Brilliant!!

  12. Droll, well done. Can I interest you in some home grown spaghetti ?

  13. Nice to see cutting edge news David. I did find the reporters to be familiar but can’t quite remember where I’d seen them all before?

    nice one!

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