Vlog 80: Brothers in Arms

There is a surprising amount of unused bits of canal across the UK, in varying states of decay. In this vlog I take a look at two separate projects which are digging out and restoring parts of the original route of the North Oxford canal.

It has, quite literally, taken me months to film this one as the I had to shoot on several occasions at the second location so I do hope you like it!

With grateful thanks to:
The Old Mortonians: http://www.oldmortonians.co.uk
Clifton Cruisers: http://www.cliftoncruisers.com

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  1. Michael Higgins

    One of your very best! Easily in the top ten. It is so encouraging to see how the people of England embraced the importance and worth of her wonderful and historic Canal System. Thank you for this one David!

  2. Have you considered making a video about the Waterways Recovery Group (affiliated with the IWA I think)? It might be interesting to go to one of their work camps and just see what they are accomplishing on a more public restoration project.

    • I did quite a decent interview with them at the IWA Festival of Water at Pelsall (?) as I recall but it might be something I do over winter when I’m not out cruising maybe.

  3. Another great, informative vlog! I really like it that old parts of the canal are being restored and put back into use. Thanks very much for sticking with this long project and presenting it to us. Once again I ask for a follow up when even more of the work has been done on this wonderful restoration.

  4. Brilliant. What a great job the enthusiasts do.

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