Vlog 79: Locker Talk

With only a few weeks to go until I set off on my Grand Spring Tour, I’ve decided to go through the boat and check I’ve got everything I think I have. So in this video I’m rummaging around in the port side well deck locker and taking stock of what’s what. I’ll do the starboard side locker in the next vlog!

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  1. You said towards the end of the vlog “to cut a long story short” . It was too late!

  2. I’m from the USA .Do your canals freeze solid ? If they freeze does the heat coming off your boat usually keep the ice from freezing to your hull? Lastly if you are winter mooring how is the water kept from freezing? If you have already answered this I missed it.. thank you Bob Oare from Hagaman NY

    • Hi. They don’t freeze solid but the top can freeze over to a certain extent. The heat from the hull doesn’t stop it coming right up to the hull (as the boats are insulated, not much heat escapes). Not sure what you mean by the last query – do you mean in the internal tanks? It just doesn’t tend to freeze because the boat is kept warm inside and this is enough to lift it above freezing. Cheers

  3. Good Vlog David, just one question that came to mind when you talked about your water hose,and about a non-related subject to your vlog; its when I saw on Grumpy old man, (another narrow boat blogger), that he tended to get through his tank of water in a week, and he’s boating solo as well, not sure of the size of tank, but I imagine its roughly similar; Does it make life difficult, especially in winter, when you might be more restricted with movement, also I noticed you seem to be moored currently on what looks like some sort of motocross circuit! Do you have a tap?!

    • I used to think my tank would only last me for 7-10 days but I discovered I was being very over cautious. Subsequent measurements have estimated my tank at 730 litres, which I can spin out to 25 days if I’m careful though I usually refill every two weeks. But each narrowboat is very much different, it’s not the case that their water tanks are similar sizes.

      If the tank was small, it could indeed make life awkward for anyone on the move over winter especially if they got iced in. That is why I (and many others) choose to take a winter mooring where there are facilities: electricity, tap, elsan disposal etc. So yes, I have a tap next to the boat!

      It’s not a motocross circuit though it certainly feels like it! Just some works going on here for the next few months.

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