Vlog 63: Deep Thought

I thought I’d try a Q&A because some stuff comes up quite a lot so here’s my first go at it. Also I reveal the answers to the recent competition plus the name of the winner!

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  1. Hi David , wondered if you could give an unbiased review/vlog in the near future on new traditional narrowboat builders including build qulity attention to detail pitfalls if any and price range
    Cheers warren.

    • I certainly can’t review them because having never had a boat cuustom built I have no basis on which to make a judgement. That said, the costs of buying new will be covered in the next Vlog as part of the “what does a narrowboat cost” video series. Cheers

  2. Commander Horatio Snert

    Q&A question. i noticed when you were asked about a year on the boat you looked at your watch and declared you had 2 weeks to go.
    my question is where can i get a week counting watch?

    question 2: Are not boat burglers …… pirates?

    • Dear Commander Snert. Firstly congratulations on what appears to be even further promotion for you. I predict Admiral before long. Secondly, I can see why you want a new watch as timekeeping is clearly not your strong point – the Q&A video has already been and gone so you’re too late. I shall be reporting this to Her Majesty.

  3. Safe for older folks? My friend Judy and I are considering the Forth/Clyde&Union between Glasgow and Edinburgh next fall. I heard that canals are wider (and it looks like less places to tie up.. Do you think its a relatively safe adventure or would you think we should focus on water further to the south?

    • Unfortunately I can’t give you an informed reply on that as I have absolutely zero knowledge of the Scottish canals. I would imagine it’s perfectly safe provided you are fit and active and not foolhardy (!), and do your preparation so that you know what to expect. Hope you have a fun time.

  4. What were you trying to HIT when you caught your left thumb? :-))

    • Ha! I was trying not to fall in the canal as I slipped back off the gunwales onto the pontoon clutching mooring implements in the other hand :-(

      • Hmmm… Not much different to falling down a flight of stairs carrying a load of heavy drill parts !! Still they do say something about accidents happening at home, I guess apart from the risk of drowning, most other actions carry a similar risk on a boat… something to note next time we step on board. Did you get to listen to the canal LP?

  5. David,
    Another great video, really enjoyed it! Particularly the horrified look on your face about swimming in the canal!

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