Vlog 62A: Poo Sticks

This is a follow-up to the last Vlog which was all about narrowboat toilets, hence the odd numbering of this Vlog. In this, I show you how I took out and replaced all the seals, vents and slides inside a Thetford C200 toilet cassette.

Once again, there are lots of mentions of poo and even one or two shots of poo remnants. You have been warned!

Bits for Thetford ortable toilets: https://geni.us/CtC_ThetfordSearch

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  1. What about the discharge tube? It clearly does not get as much use as the other bits but it does rotate against an O ring seal and of course the cap also has a seal.

  2. Michael Higgins

    Excellent video David, well done. As a suggestion, I think if I were doing this overhaul, I would purchase two quart bottles of Rubbing Alcohol for about two quid. After initially emptying the cassette, I would pour in one quart, give a good swishing, then empty again, this way, the inside would be much cleaner and disinfected. I would then spray or wipe the contents of the second bottle onto the exterior of the cassette during the overhaul, especially around edges where seals have been replaced. I’ve done about two hundred bluey-juice toilets on Boeing 737’s in my career, and Rubbing Alcohol was my very best friend in these situations. Just an idea, hope it is helpful.

  3. Very informative. Thank you. We inherited a Thetford with the boat we recently purchased. I have been designated ’emptier’ and until seeing this thought that it was normal to have to be very careful about the dreaded splashback. I now know what the the yellow button is for!

  4. What are the silly wheels on the C200 for ! £100; would rather dig a hole on a rainy dark night. Brought C200 at Crick Boat Show in 2015 for £70 from the man by the marina (corner of) . It did not have the silly black wheels. Chrome wheels, now that may be cool; but I would need a long silly handle to pull the box along the cut. Yet another problem. The rough uneven tow path ? Need bigger wheels otherwise the thing will roll over into the cut and drag me in ! Back to box with no wheels as It is snowing now. It may well be if it were January! Ground was frozen and lost my ballance…..
    The man with no wheels on his C200’s

    • I believe all the new ones now have wheels – and a handle – whether you want them or not, sadly. And yes, they don’t trundle very well. I got mine for £80 inc delivery from a place in Scotland, including two bottles of loo cleaner and a new loo seat!

      • Yes mine came with the seat & lid and two bottles. Wish there was the option for flush leaver on other side of main unit.
        I Have been going through the Vlogs’ from No. 1 over the last 3 days and now reached this one, and now David and 1/2 million people I have at long last read your reply. (15 Feb.2017)
        Thank you David.

  5. Poo sticks

    Do you mean, sticks like poo to a blanket or ‘poo sticks’ is a game children can play?


    • Children should only play Pooh Sticks, not poo sticks though I believe the really young ones will play with anything ;-)

  6. I massively enjoyed your poo videos. Your deadpan delivery is hilarious! Could you give us an email address as I don’t use any social media.
    By coincidence, I moor at Yelvertoft and learnt to fly at Wellesbourne!

    For your Q&A

    Could you tell us a little about your background? I would be interested to know what your job was etc. I’m an engineer but I guess you are not from a technical background?

    Are you on CanalWorld Discussion Forum?

    Where do you moor now, I understand if you don’t care to answer.

    I’ll think of some more when I have watched your other videos

    Oh, that leads to – what camera/cameras do you use?

    warm regards

    • Hi. Email address was given in the video, I won’t write it here else it’ll get picked up by spambots. This is probably the best link to learn about me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMKJR5n4gLw. I stopped reading Canal World as each discussion seems to degenerate into a slagging match very quickly. I’m not saying where I’m moored; would you give out your home address on the Internet?! I use a Sony AX53 camcorder with Rode VideoMicro mic and Rode Filmmaker wireless mic kit.

  7. well done sir ! I guess this is one of the less pleasurable tasks in boating… Met Viv and Husband (Adagio) at Welford last week, another wet day (Monday) we certainly seem to pick them…

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