Vlog 62: Bog Standards

** This video is not for those of a nervous disposition! **

A much requested video, this lengthy ramble discusses the three main types of narrowboat toilet, namely the cassette (eg Thetford or Porta Potti type), the pump-out, and the new kid on the block, the composting loo. There is much discussion of poo and wee and even a brief shot of it going through a pipe. You have been warned!

Portable toilets: https://geni.us/CtC_ThetfordSearch

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  1. Should you ever update or reprise the Narrowboater’s favorite topic, the epic loo controversy, perhaps some view toward a 4th alternative might be interesting. I’m referring to what is often called the “flame” loo. As far as I know, there are several with amusing names…Cinderella or Cindi and Ecojohn. These devices run on gas, AC, or DC, which of course might add to the expense of the devices themselves. Nonetheless, the benefits may outweigh the costs for some people…yours truly, for one, should I ever build my dream NB Endymion.

    • Hi. Yes, probably not one I’ll do again; since the video was made the incinerator has emerged as you say but they’re very costly to install and run (use a lot of gas and too much electricity to be practical on a moving narrowboat, maybe on one permanently on a shoreline) and they’re a bit finickity to use, requiring liners to be put in before you poo etc.

  2. Michael Higgins

    Very informative and thoughtfully produced. Well done David !

  3. “Does someone wait outside the door; perhaps you will never know my friend, unless you hurry up, cos they too may have to go”

  4. Can you suggest other interesting shows about boating that is good as yours nice and clear with someone who can make it interesting . DougMaz.

    • Douglas, firstly I’ve edited your comment to take out the abuse of another YouTuber. I understand you may not enjoy him but I’m not having people insulted here simply because they’re not to your taste.

      Regarding other video blogs I would recommend Sail Life, also Gone With The Wynns. Neither is about narrowboating but they’re excellent vlogs.

  5. Hi David, really enjoying the vlog, and very well produced! This one was great because of the information, however, the pump out tank under the bed sounded like some kind of terrible horror film, “The Nightmare On Pump Out Street”! It’s would be hard enough to convince my wife to take a narrowboat vacation in England as she hates the smell of diesel fuel. If she found out about the tank under the bed, well let’s just say the boat wouldn’t be the only thing she’d be leaving!
    Thanks again for the vlog,

    • Definitely keep that one quiet then because all hired narrowboats use pump-outs so that the customers don’t have to keep emptying a cassette! That said, some boats do have the tank in other locations eg some squeeze it into the engine room, others squeeze it under the floorboards in the bathroom somehow. You shouldn’t smell diesel except when you’re filling up or in an engine room but as all hireboats have open back decks (“cruiser” stern), there is no enclosed engine room so you shouldn’t notice that dieselly smell at all, even when moving. Cheers

      • David,
        Thanks for the reply, all useful information. We hope to get to England next year for a vacation, and I plan on at least getting to a canal and seeing the boats, and probably pestering the owners about them. We’ll see then if I can plant the seed to take a vacation on a narrowboat. My wife grew up in St. Croix, so her idea of a water vacation is clear blue with a beach bar. Bah I say!!

  6. Dear David,
    Absolutely brilliant-all 62 episodes- If you stop living on your nb,Wednesday’s will never be the same !
    Thankyou so very much.

  7. Hi…You can tell that you are a perfectionist with the vlog it is so nice to watch you doing everything. No aaaaa. No wind blowing in your mike. No giggle giggle No waving the camera and making a blur. I’m always looking forward to the next vlog from you. Cheers DougMaz.

    • You’re very kind, thank you. Just between you and me there are several things on that Vlog I’m not happy with but it had taken so long to assemble I decided to let them pass! (there’s a “pop” via the mic while on the bed / my mic pack is visible / a briefly blurred bit in the bathroom / the sun’s too shiny on the metalwork of the Elsan point … etc. You get the gist!!)

      • Hi David… I think I have used the wrong place to put my comments on sorry I’m 77 years old and don’t know what I’m doing some time. But I will be over next year cruising the cut. I’m a engineer in steam and build model steam engines. Dougmaz.

        • I don’t know what I’m doing half the time either! There’s a few steam boats on the cut, maybe you’ll get a chance to look at those. Cheers.

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