Vlog 60: Mooring the Cut

In which I try to condense everything that’s happened in July and August into a ten minute video. Spoiler: I succeed because in reality there isn’t much to tell. I also trail what I’m going to be doing over the next few months and some new videos that I’m working on.

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  1. David,
    I tried to copy some links to the Canal LP mentioned by one of your correspondents, wordpress treated it as “spam” I’ll email the links to your competition email address..

  2. Lovely !!! 1/2 a million visitors, stand by for the Million when the questions start. My partner and I have decided to take a look round Yelvertoft to see for ourselves what it’s all about… Cheers !

    • Tell them I sent you!! Cheers

      • We did, I think they thought we were perspective buyers, but no, sadly we could probably afford a boat each, but really not fit enough, liking home comforts too much etc. The weather was lousy so after a nice meal at one of the delightful establishments we returned home via Braunston to get even wetter after a look around the facilities there, a right pair of gongoozlers.

        • Sounds like a grand day out! Cheers

          • Greetings again, I had a thought about your coming marina mooring up for the winter, I assume you are going to remain connected to shore power points for a protracted period, have you a Galvanic isolator installed on the boat? or do you rely on there being one installed on each power post?

            I guess some of your marina engineers will have already mentioned this to you, but it does not feature in any of your vlogs that deal with power wiring etc. Galvanic corrosion can be costly on your anodes in long periods of mooring up.

          • Hi. Thanks for the thought; I do indeed have a galvanic isolator! Cheers

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