Vlog 59: Wyrley Gig

The August Bank Holiday brought rain at first but sunshine by the Monday and so off I trekked to the annual Festival of Water, organised by the Inland Waterways Association. It’s a free event which sees over a hundred narrowboats moor up on a chosen stretch of canal – different each year – for the long weekend. There are stalls and lots of family fun. This is the record of my trip – including special Secret Hidden Bonus Content ;-)

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  1. I’m enjoying your Vlogs, but wondered about a webcam. Yes I know, battery life and all that, plus a continuous internet connection etc etc.
    My thoughts are drawn this way after we experienced the beautiful trip to Camden with Jason’s Canal Boat, and the experience was one I’ll never forget. Maybe you could just have your best traveling clips, and delete the ones that don’t make the cut (pun intended).

    • A webcam? For live streaming? Unlikely. You’d hear all my swearing and see me crashing into things. I already film and make edits as you know, that’s quite enough time and effort as it is!

  2. Looks nice and having seen all of your narrowboat vlogs I would have recognized you and said hello, but it is a little far to go from Troy, NY, USA. Keep up the good work!

    Narrowboat sites are of help to me in two ways. First they satisfy my own interest in boats and second they are a good source for the growing trend of living small. Yes even here in the land rich USA traditional housing, owned or rented is out of reach of many and impractical for others. In 2015 we downside from an 1,875 Sqft single family to a seniors apartment of 550 Sqft, about the size of a 70′ trad stern narrowboat.

    Exciting to get smaller, but not easy.

  3. I would have stopped to say “Hay”, if I could have been in Country, of course :-)

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