Vlog 50: Golden Oldies

Every year sees the rally of historic working boats at and outside Braunston marina on the Grand Union Canal. I went along to get some footage and talk to the people who make it what it is.

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  1. John Massey (N.B. CYAN)

    The album is on Amazon, if you have Prime listen…….that Bolly sounds magical


  2. David, Please can we have more of this. MORE, MORE, MORE, Thank you.

  3. I watch your videos, and read the comments on your youtube channel.
    There was a certain engine noise at start time 4:23 ; John Hunt inquired of you and previously Roger Bixley had commented, ‘ I loved the sound of the Bolinder in Emu.
    Yes, that surely sounds like a Bolinder crude oil engine.
    I still have my vinyl copy of ” The Bold Navigators ” The story of England’s Canals in song, from the early 70’s……. (Yes, I’m an oldie.)
    by Jon Raven, John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Gary and Vera Aspey with Bolinders.
    The album, I do believe, is still available in various formats online ; there may even be a free download.
    Anyway, the album starts with a lovely old Bolinder chugging its way from left speaker to right speaker and a further appearance in starting up mode. Its chugging has an almost ‘orchestral’ mix of sounds on the record.
    The songs and cover notes are well worth the time spent with them.
    Hope this info is useful and when you next enjoy a G&T aboard your boat toast the Bold Navigators who laboured building ‘The Cut’, and who also downed the ‘demon’ drink ; probably bought with a ‘Tommy Note’ in lieu of money payment of wages. There’s even sleeve note mention of ‘gongoozlers’.

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