Vlog 47: The Great Exhibition

We interrupt our scheduled broadcast to bring you a quick Vlog from the Crick Show 2016, the annual inland waterways extravaganza held at Crick Marina in Northamptonshire.

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  1. One can only say EXCELLENT Vlog of Crick Boat Show 2016, (now Feb 2017). It is good to see the camera shots not racing around because of camera user thinking they are missing out on what is not in frame. Excellent. Yes it takes time editing, 8 hours to edit a friends wedding, remembering to get down low for those shots of children. One day hope you can make your way up the Lea & Stort. Although don’t get over excited when you reach Bishop’s Stortford. The railway sidings and coal dep. are due to be developed but not likely to embrace the Stort. Along the River Lea (Lee) you will find The Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey. Go on an open day. As you like cake, don’t we all, here is a teashop but not near the canal unfortunately. Not cheaply priced but very good all the same.

  2. I have watched a few of your vlogs with great interest. I have been hire boating for 30 years and never on my own. Solo boating is tough, and hats off to you for keeping going. I was a bit puzzled though that you turned off the Birmingham and Worcester canal and headed for Warwick, how will you go on at Lapworth flight, and heaven forbid HATTON!!

    • Well Lapworth was OK, lots of locks but only about 14 or so and there’s space to moor up for a night after you’ve done the first four. Hatton, being double width, means I can wait for someone else to join me and do it together.

      • Michael Higgins

        Oh! I’m just left drooling over these fantastic boats. The Narrow Boat @ 3:05 really caught my interest and the Gardner Engine was quite something to behold, along with the vintage controls, even the chimney was beautiful! The woodwork inside was truly something to behold! Now . . . on one I hand I loved how all the glass from the inside looked, made the boat very “Open”, on the other hand though, I’m left wondering if I would like the appearance of the boat from the outside, as I guess it would appear like a working boat with all the roll down covers. Also, you would really want to keep it tidy at all time . . . you know what they say about people who live in glass houses. David, do you recollect approx. what this boat was selling for?

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