Vlog 46: Do Call Me Shirley

This was supposed to be the video from the Crick Show, so as to keep the show video timely. However, since I’ve been ill and off visiting family, the Crick video is only 1/3 complete, so have this one instead. It’s the next part of my travels after doing all those locks in the last one. I head out of Birmingham on the Birmingham and Worcester Canal – then take a hereto unplanned left turn onto the Stratford Canal and out towards the south east of the city.

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  1. Michael Higgins

    Wow Wow Wow ! This one was chock full of unique and interesting sights. The sights leaving Birmingham, Cube Building Condos,a rather immense Viaduct, Cadbury Chocolate Factory, Guillotine Lock Gate, Brandwood Tunnel, and finally, Lions Boat Chandlery! As an American, I take no offense whatsoever in your comments regarding the takeover of Cadbury Chocolate. It is sad when a quality product and name go downhill, probably in an effort to squeeze more profits. I do, however, highly recommend See’s Candy, an American mainstay in the world of chocolate. Finally I leave you with this a song titled Birmingham: https://youtu.be/eIzMcCNAmp4

    Amanda is most well known for her hits Dark Horse and Let it Rain.

  2. I miss your vlog so much I’ve started rehashing your early ones. I’ve watched other shows but not as interesting as yours. Keep up the good work. DougMaz.

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