Vlog 45: Locking Hell

Finally the big day is here: a massive 27 locks await my pleasure on the way from Curdworth into the middle of Birmingham. It was a warm, sunny day and a lot of effort – I ached for several days afterwards – but it was rather satisfying. The route goes down the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal, up the Aston and Farmers Bridge lock flights into the centre of the city.

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  1. Would you Adam and Eve it! On your Vlog Post for Nuneaton you saw manakins and I made a comment with a picture of a manakin, taken
    in the 1980s on the Birmingham and Fazeley canal near Spaghetti Junction
    and approaching Birmingham city centre. What a coincidence that, maybe 30 years later, her dress and bra should foul your propeller !

    All the best, Peter

  2. Been loving your vlogs for months. I was recently inspired to return to hiring on the canals after a 20-yr absence… We did the exact same journey as this (Curdworth tunnel to arena) almost to the exact metre! Although my younger generation family had zero experience before this holiday – I appreciated having a crew for the Birmingham ascent day and it made them locking pros by the end of the day – I wouldn’t fancy that single-handed… Hat duly doffed to you!!! (L&L later this year – the bug is back & biting!)

    • Wow, that’s a mighty challenge for a family to take on as their first taste of boating! Pleased you all enjoyed it, have fun on the L&L.

  3. Brilliant, as always. No shots of “muscles – before and muscles – after”!
    I remember going down that route as a student on a hire boat – even with three lads, it were tough. Look forward to the next saga – really like the high speed bits! Need that Benny Hill music though.

  4. I take my hat off to you fella, that looked unpleasant especially as you were on your own

  5. Andrew Broadbent

    Fantastic day buddy. ..you deserve a pint or thrice. ..cheers.

  6. One of these is useful for getting soft rubbish off your prop:


    Also if using a knife think of getting a chain mail butchers glove for the other hand.
    Not cheap but I have yet to find spare fingers for sale on eBay.

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