Vlog 43: Going Through A Faze

A busy day in this one: 8 miles, some locks, a water refill, a loo emptying and a near-miss round a sharp bend. But all’s well that ended well. Except for the results of an irresponsible dog owner.

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  1. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is dog crap! I utterly have no tolerance for dog owners who allow their animals to crap on the ground and then, they don’t clean it up. One time, when I was commuting each week across the country, I entered the airport in San Diego, only to step in dog crap on the carpet inside the Terminal. I came across the owner who still had his ugly pooch outside of the pet carrier; it took everything within me not to scrape my shoes across his luggage to make a point, but I didn’t want to lose my non-rev flight benefits should the man complain. I had to go into the restroom and run my shoe under the sink to try to remove the dog crap. Yes! I was livid!

  2. Further to my prior reply, it appears the new “YouTube Studio Beta” does enable me to chop out sections of an existing video so I have removed the reference to the booms and no turning signs.

  3. Hello, thank you for your extensive description of the situation which is much appreciated. I would certainly be very upset if my boat was hit, as you say. The silt situation sounds quite frustrating too. Unfortunately it is not possible to edit a YouTube video once it has been uploaded but I will copy the salient points from your note into the video description. Regards, David

  4. Loverly,- enjoyable… as usual But I DO have to agree with you about the canine crap which is EVERYWHERE… not only on canal banks. Mind you…. cat crap in one’s garden is even more smellie AND objectionable.

    • Thankfully, most cats bury their crap and are very clean and tidy. Mine (now sadly deceased) was very careful to bury his.

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