Vlog 42: Lock Up Your Daughters

A brief diversion from the usual videos of my route around the canals today because – due to popular demand – I hereby present a video which attempts to demonstrate how I go through locks on my own. Various people have asked how you do it but please note I certainly don’t claim to be an expert – I’ve only been properly boating for a few weeks – so this is just my knowledge of it to date. All (constructive) comments and suggestions on solo locking are welcome!

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  1. Would the same process apply when going through a wide lock with a pair of gates at each end.

    • Pretty much; set the lock, open a gate, go on, close the gate. Fill or empty the water, open the gate, go out, stop, go back and shut the gate. It’s just slightly more awkward in that the lock being wider, there’s more chance of the boat drifting into the middle if you’re the only boat there, so keep it on a rope!

  2. I cruise a boat solo.I have found that if you only open one lock paddle until the lock is Half full/ half empty then open the second lock paddle you avoid the worse of the rushing water so dont have a fight trying to hold the boat in place with the centre line,
    Thanks for the videos.

  3. Watched your vlogs over the last few days. Very informative. Thank you. I am in New Zealand, an expat thinking about a few years of touring in the homeland. Lots of very useful tips from you.

  4. Once again, an excellent vlog. Particularly informative in case one has to do a lock single handed.

  5. David aka Mr Grumpy

    I am following your vlogs, finding them very informative love your sense of humour the episode on your cushions was great, you seem to be having a great time and enjoying your adventure.
    I hope it wont be long before I join you out on the water, doing it solo as well so I will learn by your mishaps, joking apart may be one day our vessels will meet will, always have a vino stock on board, enjoy your onward travels.

  6. Absolutely loving all your vlogs, which I have managed to plough through over the past few days, no mean feat because I’m presently in Indonesia will quite sluggish Internet. Really looking forward to your upcoming posts and hoping that you can give more insights into single handed boating . Also it would be really interesting to get an insight into the economics of semi and continuous cruising , (hope you kept the receipts)

    Keep up the good work, I appreciate what you are doing.

    Hodbad the Bad

    • Thanks for watching. I’ve been keeping a detailed spreadsheet but it will make a very boring video so I’m more likely to write an article and pop it on the website.

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