Vlog 41: Stone Me!

After a day moored just outside Nuneaton, I’m moving a little way north up the Coventry Canal, through Polesworth and up to Atherstone. I’ll try to get to a spot between locks 9 and 10 as I’ve been told it’s a lovely place to spend a while. Some beautiful scenery on the way and some lovely weather too!

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  1. Excellent and informative as usual. Very proud of you! You seem to have managed solo and maiden boating very well. All the best for you future travels. What are you route plans for this year?

    • Thanks! Heading back your way for the Crick show, then down the GU for summer. If I finish that too quickly, I don’t know where I’ll go – maybe down the Oxford or the Stratford maybe.

  2. John and Dianna

    Hi I have been following your videos’ from day one they are great cannot wait for the next one ,we have been narrow boating for 20 years and now on number 10 boat a 57ft narrow beam Dutch barge ,we have travelled the waters you are now on so nice to see them again any way keep up the great work Regards John

    • Wow, that’s a lot of boats you’ve had! Thanks for the kind words.

      • John and Dianna

        Hi again forgot to mention our last boat was a Reeves the same as yours nearly identical lay out inside and colour great little boat miss her a bit J/D [ Mussbe Dreaming ] new boat name.

        • It is indeed a Reeves, fit out by the now defunct Millburn Boats.

          • John and Dianna

            Hi it seems very strange that the fit are the same yet fitted out by two different companies ours was done by Kings Ground of Oxford what year is your boat our old boat Cat/Nap was 1999 regards J/D

          • It’s not that unusual; many people buy a shell from one builder and then take it to their choice of fitter for the interior, eg a Colecraft shell fitted out by Wharf House etc. Mine was built in 1999/2000 I believe.

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