Vlog 40: Flotsam and Jetsam

After a pleasant few days at Hawkesbury Junction, the time has come to move on but – oh no, there’s a traffic jam at the water point. Then it’s a swift turn onto the Coventry canal and onwards past Bedworth and through Nuneaton in one go as I have been warned not to stop there overnight for fear of vandalism and hooligans running wild. I didn’t stop to find out if this is actually true.

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  1. And Manakins brings back memories.. Took this picture sometime in the 1980s on the Birmingham and Fazeley canal near Spaghetti Junction. What a hardy lass she was.


  2. Only recently discovered your Vlog. It is of great interest to me as I have walked many sections of the many canals in the mid shires. We had walked the section of the Coventry Canal from Gypsy Lane Bridge (just below the dreaded Nuneaton) and on to the Oxford canal at Hawkesbury, then continuing on to leave the Oxford at Grimes Bridge above Brinklow.

    This was part of the 100 mile Centenary Way accross Warwickshire. After viewing Vlog 40 I’m glad the creator of the “WAY” steered us round Nuneaton!

    All the best, Peter

  3. Hello
    love the videos, really enjoy your comments,i abide in Leicester and use the canal towpath every day so i sympathise with your views and graffiti and litter (its got better over the past few years thanks to the council and volunteers), having never been on anarrow boat, when its reall windy does it throw your steering awry even more the usual

    • Even when it’s only a little bit windy it causes havoc! Because the sides of the boat are quite flat and it’s 56 feet long, it acts like a giant metal sail. So if the wind blows more than the tinest bit, the boat gets pushed sideways or backwards etc. It can make things really complicated, especially when tying up, going through locks, past other boats etc.

  4. Wind in the Willows, goes from the adventures of a Wallace and Gromit’s, ‘ A Grand Day Out ‘ on the canal, to an updated David’s version of Victor Meldrew and ‘ I just don’t believe it ‘ moments of graffiti and abandoned rubbish. A cameo of the UK today with charming, humourous commentaries ; thank you.
    How do cope with all the engine noises ? Yours and others, chug, chug, chugging like a never ending echo, bash, bash, bashing the brain, and the diesel fumes. Yuk.
    Is a tiller man’s life tiring, or do you sometimes do the Cancan dance on the stern out of sheer joy ? Ah, the freedom of playing on those long puddles.
    Again, thank you for sparing your time filming, editing and uploading.
    Wind on the Canal and life ventures abroad ………..

    • Thank you. I don’t notice any diesel fumes unless I rev the engine like mad so that’s not a problem. The gentle chug of the engine is quite relaxing, no bashing involved. It’s got sound insulation under the deck boards but I’ve heard even quieter engines that mine that you’d barely know we’re running.

  5. Fine bit of steering through Hawkesbury! Put my rather pathetic attempt last December to shame. Agreed with your depressing observations on the graffiti and the rubbish on the Coventry. Birching is too good for them. Love the videos. Keep them coming!

    • I was very pleased with my own steering there, I have to confess. Didn’t expect to do it so neatly. Have made up for it since by seemingly losing the ability to steer on a couple of occasions.

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