Vlog 32: A New Hope

Pinch, punch it’s the start of a new month and with it the beginning of a new chapter of my life aboard. Or is it…?

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  1. Shear BRILLIANCE!!! lol… NASA cruises $$$ .. start a fleet. Maybe add Star Wars ships and Battle Star Galactica, Star Trek etc… oh, and a fleet of historic explorer ships, if not already done, cheers.

  2. Thankfully you were F.O.O.L.ing, so a very brief nanosecond I thought you had a rivet loose.

  3. Yes very funny. But strange as it appears a few years back a businessman had a boat built to look like a Uboat. It had a periscope that worked and was steered from inside. Check it out.

  4. You may be interested to know that the patent for the Shuttle has expired so maybe that my be more attainable.

  5. Whatever your on , can I have some?

  6. David, you really are a Muppet! But a very nice one! There are a lot of similarities , everything you need has to be brought onboard and everything you don’t want taken off! When’s your launch window BTW?

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