Vlog 27: Pump Up The Volume

This was going to be an entirely different Vlog but I have a problem with my water pump going off randomly – usually the sign of a leak somewhere in the pipework. But where?

Items mentioned in this video
Jabsco water pump: https://geni.us/CtC_JabscoPump

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  1. Hi david, i would varnish the cut edges of the locker covers straight away tbh. Give the edges 2-3 coats of decent quality yacht varnish. Do it under the cratch cover and it’ll be fine. Better to do it straight away than wait for warm weather. Otherwise it could be one of those jobs that gets forgotten about!!!!!
    Happy Cruising Cheers,

  2. Hi really enjoying your Vlogs having followed them all. My wife and i have a share in a shared ownership Narrowboat called Dawn Treader. I’ve boated since 1984 . We live in the north east of england so a fair distance from the canal network so shared ownership suits us that is of course until we retire!! And retiring on a narrowboat is or plan. Now then i’ve done quite a bit of maintenance on a few of the shared ownership boats that we’ve owned. The reason being i’m a joiner so tend to get the jobs on behalf of the boat syndicate which brings me to why i wanted to leave a comment for you. When you cut your locker cover tops its a good idea to coat the cut edges with a decent qaulity yacht varnish to seal the egdes. The locker covers are made from a material called Hexi ply and coating the egdes will prevent the plywood from de-laminating.
    Hope to see you on your travels. Keep up with the vlogs, Take care

    • Hello. Thanks for watching and thank you for the tip. I have indeed had them cut. Do you think it will be OK to wait a month or so for nicer weather before varnishing or should I simply do it as soon as possible? Regards, David.

  3. Another informative video. There seems an awful lot to a narrow boat.
    looking forward to the next one.

    It must be very helpful having an “Expert Gary” on hand.

  4. Those scenes of tranquility around the marina mean I’m now dreaming of a life on the water. Am so very jealous.

  5. Hello from just north of Toronto (Canada). Just a quick note to say that I really enjoy your Vlogs, please keep them coming. I’ve been on a narrow boat (rental) before and can totally see the draw, it was the best holiday I’ve had, we did the Four Counties Ring. Both my wife and I are transplanted Brits (our parents sought better futures) but we still have family in the U.K. that we keep in contact with regularly. My wife’s family own a narrow boat and this September we’re spending the better part of 10 days afloat. Can’t wait.
    May I be so bold as to ask what your profession was before you “chucked it in”? How do you make your living now?

    • I was a local TV news reporter. I’m largely not working and living off savings for a bit but I do odd bits of freelance video filming (corporate videos), bits of writing, things like that. It’s a frugal lifestyle. Hope you have a great time when you come over in September!

  6. My pump does the same but at least I know the cause, galley tap washers need replacing. Good luck with finding the cause of your problem.

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