Vlog 26: Dinette Is Served

Just a few weeks after putting in the order for new dinette cushions for my canal boat, they have arrived! No doubt to immense anticipation, in this video I described why I didn’t like the old ones and show off the replacements.

The cushions were ordered from Marine & Contract Furnishings, who have a website at http://www.cushions4boats.com/

I have no affiliation with them other than as a satisfied customer. All editorial control of this video is my own.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the rant, which was 100% justified, as I too get driven up the wall by crappy thoughtless impractical design. I was once on a hire boat, where we had about six cushions to shuffle around like a jigsaw puzzle when converting the dinette to a double berth, and after at least half an hour of trial and error we decided that it just wasn’t possible to get them to fit exactly right.

  2. Recently discovered your vblog series and am doing catch up! Excellent and very entertaining. I’m hooked.

    As a part-time narrowboater (shared owner) I fully agree with your comments on the dinette cushions – ours is the identical arrangement! Plus the table is spaced too far from the short side of the “L” seat, so it is nearly impossible for an adult to squeeze around the other end of the table to sit on the long bench!

    It’s the same with any place one lives. I frequently look at the way things were designed and/or constructed in my house and say “Why did they do it this way? It does not make any sense.”

    p.s. So you like cats, eh? I look forward to seeing one lounging next to one of your boat windows some day.

    • I tend to borrow my neighbours’ cats and they’re very welcome. Glad you are enjoying the videos, thanks for tuning in and commenting. Cheers.

  3. Gutted I missed the voting video but what a great rant! I may watch that section of film again and again…
    Well done on the new cushions too.

  4. PMSL!

    I love the videos, this one in particular, you went a bit Basil Fawlty at one point!

  5. I have just installed a second-hand dinette seating arrangement into my boat and would greatly appreciate some/all of your old foam/cushion covers including the giant ‘wedge’ until such time as I can commission new ones. Would you consider parting with them?

    • Unfortunately not, as I’m going to turn them into cushions for the well deck (with a bit of reshaping and recovering). The giant wedge has also gone to a new home already, sorry.

  6. Great – a rant – somewhere between Victor Meldrew & Eric Idle! Brilliant. Such nice cushions and fabric (looks a bit like ours!). All you need now is for some nice lady from the U.S. of A. to come over and try them out . . . for a month or two! What will be next? Dog or Cat and what size/shade – get us to vote!!

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