Vlog 24: Haul Aboard!

I’ve been shopping. At least, my fingers have shopped online and this video is the haul of stuff I ordered namely things to make me gas safe, gunk, a shower thingummyjig and a map.

Items mentioned in this video
Gas detector: https://geni.us/CtC_GasSniffer
Gunk degreaser: https://geni.us/CtC_GunkDegreaser
Shower hose tap: https://geni.us/CtC_ShowerTap
Nicholsons guides: https://geni.us/CtC_Nicholsons

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  1. may i suggest you remove the tie wraps on your fire extinguishers just in case you need to use them in a hurry. enjoy watching your vlog

  2. Am a bit late catching up with your vlogs so only just seen this. A fascinating haul even for this landlubber who dislikes your choice of shop – but even with my disapproval I had to keep watching. I’m particularly intrigued by the tap thingymajig.

  3. Hi wind the tape antilock wise on the thread before you screw it in hope this helps app 7 winds.

  4. The gas detector was a great idea and i can endorse the Pearsons guides to run alongside the Nicholsons. You had an intresting “Haul”

    Great series of vblogs, keep it up.

  5. Brilliant as ever. I think you can get portable flammable gas detectors, Amazon do one
    Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00WMARODM
    This is a 12 volt one, so you could make up a 12 volt pack to run it . .
    I’ve always had them on yachts, where the power is very limited so it won’t drain your batteries and anyway, you’ll only ever have it switched on when you’re on the boat. If you leave the boat, the gas should be shut off.
    That Teflon tape will last you years! Excellent stuff for any leaky joints.

    • I know you can get wired ones like that but what I was hoping for was a battery operated one like a PP9 cell or similar but it seems they need too much power so either have to be mains operated or use a 12V feed from the main (or as you suggest an additional) big battery and that means wiring etc. Fear not, I do switch the gas off when I leave for any length of time.

  6. Great video as usual with some good ideas. I’m going to get one of those shower hose taps for my own boat and maybe I should invest in a gas detector having cruised past a burnt out boat the other week. I’d recommend getting Pearson’s guides to have alongside your Nicholsons. They do give complementary information, are well researched and are the boating equivalent of Wainwright’s guides, complete with quirky, dry humour.

    • A viewer has since suggested that when the shower tap is “off”, either the pressure of the cold or hot will end up pushing said cold / hot up the other tap depending on which one has more force so it may not be such a good idea. That said, hot and cold both get pumped by the same pump, the hot just has an accumulator in additional. So I’m in two minds whether to use it or not :-(

      Thanks for the Pearson’s tip; I’ve only ever had a quick look at one of those.

  7. Hello again from Michigan, USA! Id like to first say thank you for your entertaining videos. I look foward to seeing what life on the canal offers and all the little challenges it brings. It connection to this video I have some advice. I actually work in the gas industry here in Michigan, fixing broken gas lines under ground and finding leaks etc. You seem to have a healthy attitude about gas safety and there is a product out there that might make you feel better, Gas Leak Soap. It is a special liquid that you simply brush on gas lines or any line connections like your propane hose connection. If there is a leak you will see bubbles form. I do it every day and literally rely on the soap to help from being seriously injured or killed. If your detector goes off near a hose or connection just soap it up. It may help ease your mind when you see no bubbles after connecting a bottle. On a lighter note keep up the great work on the videos! I got my fiancé to start watching too and we now talk about taking a trip one day. Cheers!

    • Hello Brandon (and fiancĂ©e!). Thanks for watching, glad you enjoy the videos and thank you very much for that useful advice about the gas. I will take it on board (literally!). I hope you get to try the canal trip soon. Cheers.

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