Vlog 19: Socket To ‘Em

An episode in which I do a canal-oriented shopping “haul” type of Vlog then follow it with a intricate explanation of how to run a mains cable half the length of the boat in order to install more power sockets. This involves disassembling much of the boat’s interior and a lot of swearing.

Items mentioned in this video
Vileda mop: https://geni.us/CtC_ViledaMop
Magnetic extendable torch: https://geni.us/CtC_MagneticTorch
25m Arctic blue 240V mains cable: https://geni.us/CtC_ArcticBlueCable

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  1. I’ve found this website a good source of ‘button batteries’ and there’s a good deal of information about different types, silver oxide, lithium etc.

  2. Love your vlogs, is that a small twin tub washing machine you have, if so have you used it yet ? I inherited the same machine when I bought my boat but haven’t used it and wondered if it was any good.

    • It is and I have used it a few times. It works OK but it’s not the sturdiest thing so you have to be gentle with it. Washes clothes OK but not huge amounts – a few t shirts and underpants etc. It’s obviously more involved than an automatic machine as you need to fill it with hot and cold water manually and shift the clothes between the washer bit and the dryer bit. The upside is that it uses little power so can be run from the batteries without a problem.

  3. Just watched all the vlogs in one hit – excellent! you have done what I will be doing in a years time, and like you I am a) crap at diy, ;) and b) a complete novice at the whole full time liveaboard thing. I’m finding the really basic stuff about water and bilges and stoves etcetera very useful, because you are dealing with all the things I know I’ll have to take on at some point. Please keep it up! And – toilets soon? Finally, was your first day experience with Paul Smith? Just curious, as I booked a couple of days with him as my own first baby steps last year…

    • Thank you! Yes, toilets very soon. And washing clothes. Yes, Paul Smith. Where will your boat be based or are you going to “continuous cruise”?

  4. Hey Puggy!
    Bit serious today, but good stuff. What does the “accumulater” do and how do you generate hot water \ run radiators? Thought a washing machine would come in handy..

  5. Brilliant. A completely new level of interesting! And we get to see if more bits of your boat. Have you checked with your Simon, that this kind of doubling up with the low voltage supply is fully kosher with safety regs? I would imagine that if you have “a” socket then it could easily be extended in situ, you’re not going to overload it the system it wouldn’t let you! We have twelve sockets on our boat and still we buy extension panels. It seems you can never have enough. As long as you remember that 3,000 watts is the max, you’ll be OK.

    • No, I haven’t checked. He said “run a cable” so I have. If it turns out it’s wrong, I’ll re-run it in separate ducting. Or give up and live ashore, one or the other.

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