Vlog 17: Watering Hole

For viewers who do not own a canal boat but are curious about life on board, this Vlog shows one of the most frequent domestic tasks undertaken by liveaboards. No, not the toilet emptying. The other task.

Items mentioned in this video
Karcher 25m hose reel: https://geni.us/CtC_HoseReel
Hoselock threaded tap adapter: https://geni.us/CtC_HoselockAdapter
Jabsco water pump: https://geni.us/CtC_JabscoPump

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  1. Loved the reference to Vogon poetry. The HHGTTG lives!

    This might have been covered in a later vlog, but when you are flushing the hose through before starting to fill the tank, I recommend catching some water in your hand to use to wash the last 12-18 inches of the outside of the hose so that when you poke it down the filler hole, you don’t carry any dirt from the outside of the hose down with it into the tank.

  2. Again with the RV comparisons…..

    There is a product here called SeeLevel, from Garnet Industries. They are generally used to measure the levels in your fresh/grey/black tanks. Now in RVs, I think the tanks are all generally plastic, and I noticed a bit saying “Not for use on metal tanks”, so maybe not at all helpful.

  3. Hi David
    Enjoying the videos ahead of a week on the cut in June. When you’re away from the marina and entirely self sufficient on the boat, how long is a full tank of water lasting you? Presuming one shower per day, normal washing up etc. Thanks in advance and happy cruising!

    • I can squeeze 25 days out of a tank if I’m very careful but typically I refill every 14. That information will be absolutely no use to anyone though because it depends entirely on how big your tank is!

      • Thanks for the response! The boat we’re hiring also have a 100 gallon tank, so that’s a good guide to go by (I saw on your water vlog that yours is 100g). We’re going in the first week of June so hoping the cut will still be fairly peaceful!

        • Ah but … I think mine was mis-described. I’ve done some, admittedly basic calculations regarding time to fill / amount filled / water rate and I think mine must be around 160 gallon. That’s big but I did the calcs twice and a reverse calculation of water use vs amount left as well!!

          • Richard Chatley

            That it is big! Still a complete mystery to me why these tanks don’t have a gauge on them! Imagine a car without a fuel gauge or an oven with no indication of the heat settings! Someone must have been having a laugh at some point when they designed the plumbing on the narrow boat!

          • I know! I keep wondering if I’ve made a mistake but I did the calculations more than once and after 21 days there’s still a little left so … if I could find a “hoselock” adapter with a flow meter on it, I could check it properly but no joy finding one so far. I think modern boats do now tend to come with such flashy luxuries as gauges!!

  4. Excellent subject and very interesting vlogs. One thing that I do is run the water through the hose before starting to fill the tank….otherwise the old water in pipe goes in! We have just launched our new boat….it provides an excellent way of relaxing. Looking forward to the next vlog, best wishes, David

    • Thank you. You make an excellent point about refreshing the hose to start with and I will start doing that from the next refill. Cheers!

  5. Hi Pugwash…
    Watched all episodes now, brilliant!
    Must be time for a heating episode… We saw the coal and you got radiators.
    Stu x

  6. Great video, as always, but what happens to your waste water? What goes in, must come out!?

    • Waste water from the sink and shower is pumped into the canal (entirely legitimately!). Toilet waste is disposed of at sanitary stations around the canal network.

  7. Ummm, we remember Vogon poetry, you’ll get thrown out of an air lock! Once out on the cut , fill up at every water point or at least plan your stops. Some stretches like between Kilby bridge and beyond Leicester, there’s no water point. Great video.

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