Vlog 16: Crick Thinking

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine, a former colleague from my life in TV, came to visit and experience narrowboat life so we went for a cruise.¬†We didn’t get far – to the pub, in fact. But we went by boat so that’s OK. This is the video of that trip.

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  1. Really enjoying your videos. Spotted our boat in this one (we were moored a few away berths away way from prior to moving marina in early December. Our narrowboat journey on pace with yours so lots of similar stuff experienced. Please keep them coming. Simon & Jane – NB “Albert”

  2. I found your site via Canal Boat magazine – great videos. We own a 30ft NB but don’t liveaboard and went through all the issues you have had when we got ours! Are you doing monthly articles for CB?
    Did you do your day out with Livingonanarrowboat guy? Enjoy his weekly messages and there is a lot of info on his site for liveaboards.
    Also, ‘Epiphany’ do an article in CB as well and their website has a lot of info, so does ‘NoProblem’ – both by couples who have been cruising the network for many years.

    • Hi. Thanks for watching! They won’t quite be monthly articles as, for example, I won’t start continuous cruising until the end of March so wouldn’t have another article for them until a couple of weeks after that but I and they do hope to make it a semi-regular series of “life for a new liveaboard”. I haven’t got my copy yet, haven’t seen it in print!

      Yes, I went with Paul and get his weekly newsletter. Cheers!

  3. Liked the brief excursion into slow TV in Episode 16. Terrific stuff as always.

  4. Great video. Nothing wrong with short or going to the pub (twice)!
    I’m starting to upload a few videos to my blog – will try and take more next year. Cheers

  5. I am finding this series of Vlogs very interesting & informative, as someone that is feeling the pull of narrow boats and canals.
    I am seriously looking in to all of this, as I hope to retire or at least slow down in the next 2/3 years and this would be a great way to see lots of England from a new perspective.
    I have been working as a Marine Electronics/Electrical engineer since I left school, so this project would also have a good ‘tinkering’ factor.

    Keep the Vlogs coming.

    Graeme Gilmour

  6. I don’t think it was very nice for the ducks to have their apples squashed with dog turd trainers

    • Then you’ll be pleased to realise that because I was filming, it wasn’t my boots you see doing the squashing but the nice lady from the boat brokerage.

  7. We are still very much enjoying your videos of life on the canals.
    Happy New Year David from your old neighbours in Maidstone. Happy voyages.
    Freda & Jan

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