Vlog 15: Solar Flair

Once the Spring arrives and I go out continuous cruising on the canals, I will need a way to generate electricity. Ideally this would be done without running the engine. Hence the installation of solar panels.

I chose 2 x 240W panels from Panasonic (model number VBHN240SJ25 if you’re curious) because they’re only 80cm wide which gives me extra walking space either side on the roof. This is the video of that installation.

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  1. Michael Higgins

    Very informative amp/hour explanation and I like how you saved enough room on top, to easily walk past the Solar Panels. That’s thinking ahead. Well done David.

  2. Excellent looking installation. Looking for something similar myself, and as my boat is in the same area as yours, would be interested to know who the installer is, and your supplier of ‘bits’ as I too want 800 wide panels.

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