Vlog 2: The Day That The Crane Came Down*

With my offer on the canal boat accepted, it was now time for a full survey to see if the boat has any problems.

What would Justin Green of JG Marine, Keith Meadowcroft of Voltmaster Systems and George Marshall of Audlem Boat Company find? And, will the vendor accept any haggling on the price afterwards?

This episode reveals all!

*OK, not a crane really. A trailer. But that doesn’t work so well as a title.

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  1. Greetings David…
    1 comment… A far throw & cry from where you are at now with ‘Cruising The Cut’ and what you have accomplished to date personally with your channel and for all intent and purpose, what is/was a radical change of life style..
    So i was just wondering…. All of this time since you first made the decision to get your narrowboat, HOW has it ACTUALLY been for you.?
    Would you consider you adapted quickly to the change of life aboard fulltime?
    Has it been all or less than you may have expected when you first started this new life chapter?
    Do you have specific high and low points in your time/lifw aboard?
    ULTIMATELY… Has the choice and experiences that it has brought along truthfully lived up to your expectations of life aboard?
    Is there anything now you have had prolonged exposure to this way of life that you would or may like to change if you could…. (in and with the benefits of hindsight).?
    Does it still hold the same enchantments and sense of adventure for yourself?
    I apologise David… Alot of questions.. Obviously, i wouldn’t expect a reply t them all..
    It is very interesting to see how you have changed and ultimately grown since the beginning of your adventure. .

    I DO, genuinely believe that to-date, you have grown & the life change has, dare i say without sounding presumptuous , changed certain aspects of your character.. (Improvements all)
    Do you feel you have changed much?

    Anyway, its nice to be reliving your adventures again..
    Many thanks.
    Kindest regards.


    • Hi. Not sure how to answer those because I didn’t really have any expectations so I can’t say whether it’s lived up to them or not. I wasn’t sure what it would be like but I have enjoyed my time aboard and have no plans to change. Cheers

  2. Hi my name is Geoff I’ve Just found your web site.
    You don’t give your name, I have Just started with July 15 with glass of wine, I’ve just watched video 2.
    I am very interested in what you have to say. I will email again.

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