Vlog 171: Travelling Man

At last! The lines have been taken up, the mooring relinquished – yes, let go entirely – and I’m off on my 2019 cruising adventures starting with a trip up the North Oxford canal to Hawkesbury Junction where it meets the Coventry canal.

Vlog 160: They’re Multiplying

In this episode, my mystery Crew member and I continue our winter jaunt along the North Oxford canal from just outside Rugby, through Newbold and up to just past Brinklow.

Vlog 159: I’ve Got Chills…

Drop your jaw and gasp in disbelief as you watch me take the boat out for a cruise in winter. Yes, winter. OK, it’s not snowing but it was December, a time when I’m normally tucked up by the roaring stove with the boat on the mooring.

Vlog 39: Up the Junction

In this video I move from just outside Brinklow up to the end of the Oxford Canal at Hawkesbury Junction, whereupon I shall turn onto the Coventry Canal and go north in the direction of Tamworth. On the way, I see some horses, some ducks, some motorways and some houses. It’s gripping stuff.

Vlog 38: Rugby Tackle

Having come through Hillmorton Locks on the eastern outskirts of Rugby, I now make my way west – right through the middle of town. This also involves a stop near a large supermarket to stock up on tea and cakes then its onwards to Brinklow Marina where a viewer is paying me to film and edit a video of their newly-purchased boat for their family and friends. Finally I move on just a little way to find a peaceful place to stop for the night.