Other Narrowboat Vlogs

The Narrowboat Experience – wife and wife and their two cats aboard a NB in London
Robbie Cumming – a fearless solo traveller somewhere up North
This Narrowboat Adventure – actress Jasmin and silent partner Seb aboard their boat in London
London Boat Girl – another Londoner, LBG hangs out East and has a rather lovely cat
Minimal List – liveaboard couple trying out all the canals and rivers of the UK.
Journey With Jono – ex-BBC man takes to the canals on a boat he’s fitting out himself.
Ed’s World – he’s fixing up a boat, like so many, and doing it with aplomb
Country House Gent – used to be videos about Land Rovers but he’s now bought a lovely boat.
Driftwood Boat Blog – OK, not actually a narrowboat but a motor cruiser on the Shannon in Ireland.
The Cut ‘n’ Edge Narrowboat Adventures – a family bought a boat, fitted it out and are now cruising happily.
Colin Jaques – he’s fitting out a new narrowboat by himself.
Narrowboat Journeys – Phil mostly travels around the South Oxford canal, often in timelapse to an original music score
Ben & Emelie – lovely young couple and their dog called Peg, living aboard in London
Enigma – quite possibly the most splendidly eccentric couple on the canals (and sometimes their kids) boating from Braunston.
Floating Our Boat – a couple who did the usual thing and downsized from house to boat.
Platypus – an ambitious plan to refit a compact Springer narrowboat
Regency House Ramsgate – despite the channel name, this really is about a couple buying a narrowboat
The Tiller People – a bit of everything to do with narrowboats

Less-often updated narrowboat channels

It’s a Narrowboat Thing – a couple in the north of England renovating & travelling around on a 57′ narrowboat
The Naughty Narrowboat Channel – to learn what not to do on a narrowboat, watch this
Mykaskin – Lots of boaty videos including “slow TV” and eclectic engines
Narrowboat Comfortably Numb – occasional but beautifully shot narrowboat videos
Our Narrowboat Dream – a man, his wife, and two Chihuahuas are buying a narrowboat.
It’s A Narrowboat Life – Tony has grand plans to move to a yacht once his narrowboat dreams are fully realised.
Let’s Explore – Paul bought a narrowboat and does videos about it and local history.
The Narrowboat to the Deep North – two people, one boat, a lot of excitement.

Other boaty / RV YouTube channels I enjoy

The Indie Projects – Theo and Bee traveled around Europe in a VW camper van but now live on a narrowboat
Sail Life – sailing and boat renovation by Mads Dahlke in Denmark
California Camping – a couple in a VW California with an adorable labrador dog
Gone with the Wynns – catamaran sailing with two (feline) cats aboard from the former RVing couple
Love Your RV – motorhome tips and tricks plus travel vlogs in the USA and Canada
Exploring Alternatives – beautiful videos about alternative living and lifestyles
Life is Like Sailing – beautifully shot and well crafted sailing videos from Alaska
Life in a Nutshell – Aussie couple used to have a narrowboat but now sail SV Nutshell in the Americas
RV with Tito – RV tips, tricks and travels in the USA
The RV Geeks – well-produced / filmed / scripted RV DIY videos

My other YouTube channels

Vandemonium – chronicling my self-build campervan conversion
Tubeshooter – reviews of camcorders and audio/video gear
UKAirscape – informal camcorder reviews, test footage, tutorials
David Expert TV – very occasional reviews of miscellanous stuff

Other channels I like that are nothing to do with boats or RVing etc

Curtis Judd – Reviews of audio and lighting equipment for video filming
Mr Mobile – superby produced reviews of mobile tech
The Camera Store TV – Canadian camera shop doing really good camera reviews
The Flying Reporter – airbourne adventures of a UK private pilot
The Carpenter’s Daughter – Vikkie and her invisible fiancee set to an enormous amount of home DIY with great gusto.
The Endless Adventure – Young American couple Eric and Allison share their love for worldwide travel, food and history.

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