Vlog 70: Tubular Bells


On Saturday December 3rd, a group of narrowboat dwelling / owning / buying YouTube video bloggers came together in London for a Christmas shindig. For most of us, this was the first time we’d met in person rather than as a comment on a YouTube page.

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Vlog 68: Been Counting


This is the third (and final, as it turns out) video in my short series about the costs of buying and owning a canal narrowboat. Here I talk about the annual ongoing costs you will incur regardless of how you use the boat, plus a quick overview of what I spend to live on board each month.

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Vlog 67: Cash Flow


This is part 2 of my short series about the costs of buying, owning and living on a narrowboat. In this video I discuss what it costs to buy a narrowboat, from cheap second-hand ones to expensive second-hand ones, to new builds, sailaways, share boats and even GRP cruisers!

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Vlog 66: Money Talks (Part 1)


After months of people saying “but what does it cost?”, here’s the first in a series of 3 or 4 videos about how much money it takes to buy, own and live aboard a narrowboat. In this video, it’s all about the buying process.

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