Vlog 9: Maiden Voyage

After months of waiting while my house was sold, the boat was fettled and lots of boring stuff was dealt with, it was finally time to relaunch my narrowboat into the canal and take it out for a quick trip!

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Vlog 8: Night Rider

Vlog 8 and I spend my first night aboard the canal boat – still on land! There’s all kinds of squeaks and groans and bumps in the night and they’re not from me. No, it’s nothing saucy, don’t get your hopes up…

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Vlog 7: Paint Shop Boys

Not content with my “patch it and hope” painting of the rusty spots along the gunwales of my canal boat as seen in the last episode, I decided to try to do it properly. This did not entirely come to fruition, as I explain in this video.

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Vlog 2: The Day That The Crane Came Down*

With my offer on the canal boat accepted, it was now time for a full survey to see if the boat has any problems.

What would Justin Green of JG Marine, Keith Meadowcroft of Voltmaster Systems and George Marshall of Audlem Boat Company find? And, will the vendor accept any haggling on the price afterwards?

This episode reveals all!

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Vlog 1: How I Came To Be Buying A Narrowboat…

Here’s my first video ‘blog, describing how I came to be in the market for a narrowboat on which to cruise the UK’s canal network and hopefully take life easy for a bit.

It’s a tale of mid-life crisis, near-purchase of a campervan, and a calender from the RNLI.

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