Back in the UK from my trip to New Zealand

After a handful of somewhat stressful days out in New Zealand trying to get a flight back, I managed it – largely through luck – and am now back aboard the boat. This video is just me telling the tale of how I came back and what happens now.

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  1. Glad your home safe and sound.


  2. A very entertaining travelogue with drama and suspense but with the knowledge of a happy ending.

  3. Please keep rambling! It feels so lovely and normal in these incredibly stressful times. I almost cheered when I heard you mention cheese sandwiches! Glad your back!

  4. Thank you for the great vlog David, please don’t stop the ramblings, we love them. You are always so entertaining.
    We are in France (locked down), our eldest daughter just made it back to Devon from visiting her daughter in New Zealand, but we haven’t heard the ins and outs of her story yet!
    Glad you are home safe we missed you.

  5. Now what you need David is a good tonic. Do you have any gin?

  6. So glad your back! Have missed your Vlogs. Enjoyed this Vlogs very much, you can ramble all you want. Too bad your trip was cut short, what an experience getting home. Get some more rest and will be waiting for more Vlogs.

  7. What an adventure! Glad you made it back OK. Hope you’ve got plenty of reading material and a good internet connection.

  8. flyin buses are the worst m8, marginally better the their grounded conterparts! soon as this virus calms down, i’m off to the philippines to visit a friend. stay safe m8! lookin forward to more vlogs from cruisin an vandermonium eh!

  9. Dorothy DeAngelis

    So pleased you are safely back in U.K. Stay well. Looking forward to future vlogs .

  10. From an island in Washington state where I am stuck indoors it was Lovely to hear about your adventure returning to the U.K. and your boat. It was like having a chat with you in person over a cup of tea. I imagine your Mum was thrilled too as you are quite funny and descriptive . Having you home safely is a relief to all. Loved you breaking into a cough and scaring your fellow traveler! Very funny in a not so unfunny time. Stay well.

  11. Ain’t traveling’ grand. We are “stuck” on the farm so not much has changed. Cows will be calving in a few weeks, pasteurizer gets tested, and hopefully approved, next Tuesday so getting ready for cheesemaking. Just started watching Cruising the Cut so I have stuff to do. Sadly Chicago has invaded us early.

    Cheers from Wisconsin.

    Terry Woods
    Highfield Farm Creamery

  12. Sooo Glad you’re “Back in the U, back in the U, back in the UK!”
    (Apologies to the Beatles).
    While you were gone, l browsed the Canal and River Trust website, which I found most fascinating. If you are looking for the latest news about the Canal System, you can get updates there. The Londonist did a 4 part series featuring the Regents Canal which brought back happy memories of my family trip to London 4 years ago and the thrill of discovering the wonderful canal system in the UK.
    Now look who’s rambling on!
    Video idea: tell us about marinas and yours in particular !
    Re- broadcast your visit to the canal that is being rebuilt; will the work be postponed due to the CV outbreak?
    Play, and review Narrowboat Simulator!
    All the best, from the US of A,

  13. Glad you were able to make it back. We have plenty of time to listen to your ramblings, so no guilt there for you! Stay safe, stay well!

  14. Being stuck at home myself I am more thankful than ever for the people out there still creating content. Please keep on keeping on and god-bless.

  15. Janet Wisniewski

    Welcome home. What doesn’t kill us makes us strong!

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